Is Your Family At Risk?

WHY? For Money, Of Course.

WHAT WAS THE MOTIVE IN ALL THIS FOR THE MOTHER OF FIVE? Money, of course. Just before the divorce, I had paid off the final mortgage on the property that I had built for my family and for my business - the property is 27 acres in what is now known to be a fairly expensive area in the foothills up from Denver. It took me 25 years of planning and hard work to create the valuable estate for my family and only a few months for criminals to take it all away. And the amazing thing is that the mother could have stepped forward at any time in the name of common decency, but has instead continued to perpetuate her frauds to this day in her pursuit of more profit.

WHAT WAS THE MOTIVE FOR THE COURT OFFICIALS? Money, of course. Case fixing is becoming more and more commonplace these days, especially in Family Law. The more acrimonious a divorce, the more beneficial it is for the State and its Cronies, who feed each other business. A multi-billion dollar "Divorce Industry" has been created to personally benefit the self-serving legal and governmental 'professionals', who sell single parenthood to the public and package divorces for maximum profit for themselves and the State. These crooks are responsible for running the divorce rate up to over 50% now. Unfortunately, most taxpayers are not aware yet that they are funding this industry for the benefit of a few and that single parent households cost them hundreds of billions of dollars annually. Our government is out-of-control with their racketeering, which is also a crime.

WHAT WAS THE MOTIVE FOR THE PUBLIC OFFICIALS? Hatred? Status? Your guess is as good as mine. A very small percentage of our society has gained most of the controlling positions in all levels of our government. Approximately 13% of our population now controls the rest of us. You may have heard of this group referred to as 'Secular Humanists' or 'Secular Progressives'. Even though some may say they are Christians, these are Godless people. They are responsible for lobbying Congress to remove God from our courts, our schools, our money, etc., and get their lifestyles into our laws. These are people whose agendas in life are based on a foundation of hatred - hatred toward men; hatred toward straight people; hatred toward families; hatred toward God, etc. They encourage each other and others around them to commit adultery, steal, defraud the system, divorce their spouses, lie to their own children and other parents' children, gossip and falsely accuse and defame and spread ill will, etc., etc., etc. Over the past 30-40 years they have risen to power in our Nation. Look at the hate mongering that resulted after the public vote for Proposition 8 in California - The Attorney General and some Judges are openly betraying the public trust and working together as activists to overturn the will of the people. Did you hear about the mother in Missouri, Lori Drew, who invented an online farce to get back at her daughter's 17-year-old friend, which resulted in the friend's suicide? You have probably heard of the Caylee Anthony murder - Are you aware of the local scandals that are just as serious and even more devastating? Did you hear about the mother of five in Texas that killed all five of her children or the father of five in California that recently killed his entire family? What could cause so much despair?: Hate mongers in our schools, PTA, scouts, sports leagues and even our Church, who do not care about our children's futures. They do not care about us either, the majority, that is stuck paying for their hateful ways.

MEN: WHAT IS WRONG WITH OUR PUBLIC OFFICES? I have made an unbelievable number of calls to our county and state offices to get credit for what I've already paid for child support, to reconcile my account, to get my driver's license back, to obtain administrative services that I'm entitled to, etc. Everywhere I go, I'm blatantly discriminated against and treated with disrespect. I always seem to run into hateful and dishonest workers on our payroll. One example: I applied for a "review and adjustment" of my child support way back in March 2007, but the review wasn't done until June 2008; the caseworker filed a "motion to modify" with the court and issued a notice to set a hearing on the matter, but then filed a "motion to withdraw motion for modification" stating, "Further review of the case leads the Department to determine that a recalculation of child support is not appropriate at this time. Application of the Colorado Child Support Guidelines results in less than a 10% change from the amount currently ordered". Their original motion requested a 70% change!!! The crooked magistrate gladly granted the motion to withdraw and I filed a "motion for review" with a judge; After another long drawn out process, my motion for review was dismissed and I was ordered to pay some of the Department's attorney's fees!!! I think what's going on here is that everyone associated in any way to the 'Divorce Industry' knows that most cases are being fixed against the 'bread winner' in the family, and when he (usually the father) tries to fight back, he is blacklisted and relentlessly attacked to completely wipe him out, or like in my case, since I am already broke, put another obstacle between him and his children. I have tried to report this and many of the other crimes committed by public officials, to the District Attorney's office, the Attorney General's office and to the Governor's office, but have been discriminated against and denied my rights there as well. Each of these offices is aware of the case fixing and child abuses, but refuses its services to me because I am a divorced father. DOES ANYONE KNOW HOW TO PROTECT FATHER'S RIGHTS? OR, MY CHILDREN'S RIGHTS?

Help me, and many others across the United States, get rid of the criminals in the Divorce Industry and the child abusers in our communities. Thousands of fatherless families have fallen victim and need your help. Don't get me wrong: The vast majority of parents and teachers, coaches and team managers, pastors and ministers, etc., are hard-working caring adults like you and me; But that can't be said any longer for our judges and human service caseworkers, and we all know some in our communities that are intent to destroy others no matter what it does to our children. And, there are even some that will directly attack a relationship between a parent and their children - In our case, several irresponsible adults and public officials openly hated me right in front of my children and some went way out of their way to brainwash my children against me. Nearly everything described on this website is known to several officials who, despite their obligations, have purposely ignored the crimes and child abuses so the State and their cronies can continue to profit. Please help me expose them. These people should NOT be in positions of trust in our community. If you know of ANY participation in any offense described in this website against any one of my children or me, please email me. With your help, I will get my family back and several unfit officials will resign or be fired.

Make a Difference in the lives of our children. Thank you for any support whatsoever.