Is Your Family At Risk?

Perjury and Fraud are Crimes

     My wife and her attorney planned and rehearsed the lies that they would use to maximize their take in the divorce. They lied in each verified court document signed under oath, starting with their Initial Filings, and my wife lied, with her attorney's knowledge and direction, about all pertinent matters in every hearing. The court officials knew that they were committing a very grand fraud, but didn't stop it because two magistrates, at least one judge, and the Child and Family Investigator (CFI), were working together and with my wife's attorney to fix the divorce against me.  

     Shortly after receiving a 'Mandatory Criminal Restraining Order' against me in her "911 Scam" (See Domestic Violence Scams), my wife went to the courts to get a further Restraining Order for the kids. On information and belief, her attorney helped her plan her domestic violence scams and each perjury.

     In the early hearings for 'temporary orders', my wife's attorney submitted falsified Financial Affidavits to manipulate the child support and maintenance orders. To obtain majority custody and sole decision making ability, my wife's attorney reminded the magistrate about the Mandatory Criminal Restraining Order and revealed that he had called the District Attorney (highly illegal) about the criminal case. A principal, who was not properly subpoenaed or disclosed, was allowed to testify in the first hearing and committed Perjury. In the second hearing, following a Fraudulent Exchange between my wife's attorney and the magistrate, and after my wife's attorney's fraudulent "Offer of Proof", a PTA Official was allowed to testify and committed Perjury. Both perjurers knew about the child abuses and alienation schemes, and aided and abetted my wife, who worked for the Public Schools around the time, in further scandals at the elementary schools and the middle school in the years to come. Both also participated in plots to exclude me from school and Girl Scout activities, and likely removed my name from mailing lists or know those that repeatedly removed my contact information from the school's computer system and the Girl Scout's lists.

     These early perjuries and an outright fraudulent Draft of Temporary Orders by my wife's attorney were used to obtain grossly unfair orders early in the divorce, and then were used over and over again to take further advantage including repeated attempts to get a Contempt Citation against me. The magistrate knowingly signed the draft, as I know now, to help my wife and in retaliation against me for firing my attorney at the time, who is a friend of hers. This magistrate also forced us to use her CFI friend even though I had found a less expensive and much more qualified CFI, and forced me to pay over 70% of the CFI's fees to help my wife take full advantage of that process too, which she did. As I know now, there is absolutely no doubt that this magistrate and the CFI were leading the cause to fix the divorce, and in the post-divorce she continued to assist my ex-wife in obtaining whatever she wanted, by again ignoring the perjuries, delaying mailings, making one of my false arrests, and helping convert my share of a trust fund to my ex-wife. She even got back together again with the CFI to fix proceedings long after she was disqualified from the case. 

     Throughout the divorce, my ex-wife's attorney submitted several 'Verified' court documents with known false statements, all signed under penalty of perjury. The day after I was acquitted in the "911 scam" my wife and her attorney committed another act of perjury to obtain another restraining order for the same incident, from a different magistrate, who is still the presiding magistrate as I have been unsuccessful in getting him disqualified. I didn't realize until recently that this magistrate, who also lives in our community, signed the restraining order and had knowingly committed a very serious crime, as the statutes are very clear and it is common knowledge in the field that a domestic violence incident must be fairly recent and the 'victim' must be in imminent danger in order to issue a restraining order. In the post-divorce, this magistrate was appointed to replace the disqualified magistrate by a Judge, who has known about many of the illegal activities over the past 3 years and has apparently condoned all of the case fixing tactics and has participated in some of them himself. In fact, this Judge continues to this day to deny my rights and block me from admitting my evidence on the record in any matter, as a way to help the magistrates, the CFI, and the mother, avoid the charges they deserve.

     The fraud to obtain favorable permanent orders was very extensive, not only by my wife, but also by several 'professionals', who worked together to package the divorce for maximum benefit to themselves and the State. Preparing for the final hearing that was scheduled on March 21 2006, my wife and her attorney ordered a secret appraisal of the real estate and held it until just before the final hearings. A "Trial Management Certificate" was faxed to my attorney after hours on a Friday so that we would have only one day, Monday, to prepare. The CFI's Report and Recommendations to the court was filled with blatant lies about my care of the children and reiterated the blatant lies of the principle and other hate mongers that wanted to use the process to tell me what they thought of me. The CFI, a Human Service caseworker, sheriff's deputies and my wife, all committed perjury in the final hearings to portray me as an "abusive and neglectful father and husband" even though knowing about the crime and child abuse spree by my wife and her friends. The CFI even reported and testified to money matters, but completely ignored the kidnapping of two of my kids at the Church during my parenting time and the ongoing denials and interferences of visitation, which are all understood in the field to be very harmful to children and can be considered criminal offenses. In the courtroom just before the first hearing, the CFI initiated a conversation with my attorney and, not recognizing me sitting right next to him, bashed me personally and called my religious beliefs a "crock". The hall outside the courtroom was packed with my wife's friends, sisters, and school personnel, all willing to give up some of their Spring Break to testify against me.

     My wife and her attorney presented misleading exhibits and my wife and many others falsely testified to influence the Child Support Order, the Parental Responsibilities Order, the Marital Asset Division Order, and All Other Orders. My attorney did a good job of exposing many of my wife's lies, but I did not realize until long after the divorce that the divorce judge was also involved in fixing the case against me. I had no chance from the start of receiving just orders. Nearly every sentence of his Permanent Orders is in error and I couldn't afford to appeal. As soon as the appeals period had past and my attorney had withdrawn, my ex-wife's attorney filed another fraudulent motion and even asked for an order requiring me to pay the property taxes on the free-and-clear real estate that my wife obtained by fraud. They didn't get that, but the divorce judge gave them half of an amount that was clearly my money and further limited my parenting time, I guess as his way to kick me while I was down.

     The judicial misconduct became very apparent in the post-divorce, and 2 magistrates and 2 judges knowingly allowed the frauds to continue. Departments of Human Service caseworkers were allowed to alter my child support statements, illegally raid my bank accounts and my children's trust account, illegally suspend my driver's license, and undermine my attempts to reconcile my child support account. I have been repeatedly denied modification of the ridiculously high child support order and repeatedly refused credit for what I have already paid.

     I am still working on the post-divorce crimes and the crimes committed by officials in Minnesota, which are a long story in themselves. I've seen enough, however, to say that Minnesota's system is corrupt too.

     Perjury and fraud are crimes, but, when committed in divorce, are usually ignored. In a recent order in my case, the judge acknowledges fraud to be a "serious charge" and perjury to be a "very serious criminal offense", and this judge and the other judicial officials know that I have evidence of the crimes, but have repeatedly refused me required hearings and other processes, in which to admit my evidence on the record. My motions are denied without reason even though the law clearly states that reasons must be given, and I was recently ordered to pay the Department of Human Service's attorney's fees for having to respond to two of my motions for review, both of which came about because of the Department's blatant discriminatory practices. Our judges are obligated to correct mistakes and step in when they see an injustice. They are knowingly violating the law. I have the right, individually and on behalf of my children, to demand that the criminals are prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law, but have been repeatedly denied this right too. If you know anything about the perjuries and frauds, please email me.