Is Your Family At Risk?

Parental Kidnapping and Denying Visitation to this extent are Crimes

     The domestic violence scams were very successful to obtain primary custody of the children. To limit my time with my children even further, the mother staged kidnappings during my parenting time in addition to the other planned interferences and outright denials of visitation. The children were often kidnapped from me early in my parenting weekend and were not allowed to return my calls to tell me where they were. And usually, I would not see them again until my next parenting time. Many of the parental kidnappings were known about and participated in by others. This is a criminal offense according to State and Federal law.

     After one of the mother's friends kidnapped my sick son from the middle school shortly after the 911 scam, the friend turned off her cell phone so I couldn't call him and then the mother made sure that we didn't talk that night and for several days to follow. This same "friend" invited my son for outings and sleepovers with her son nearly every time I was with my children in the early stages of the divorce, and at a soccer tournament let my son use her cell phone to call me so she could yell at me in front of at least two of my children and several other parents. She showed up at hearings and at our property, for "moral support" of the mother, and may be one of the adults that was hiding my assets during my personal property appraiser's visit to the property in February 2006. If you know who I'm talking about and have further information, please email me.

     In January 2006, with the full knowledge of her attorney and the CFI, the mother kidnapped one of my sons (the one that had the suicide thoughts) and my daughter at her First Reconciliation celebration at the Church. After using the Mandatory Criminal Restraining Order to keep me from attending, she sent our son out to my vehicle when I came to pick them up, with a 'Contract' for me to sign stating that it was okay for the two to stay with her. I didn't sign it and my oldest son went in to the Church a few times to retrieve them, but she kept them. This incident was reported in detail by me to the CFI, but instead of abiding by her Duty to Report child abuse, she called the Priest and misquoted him and misrepresented the incident in her Report and Recommendations to the court.

     In the post-divorce, the kidnappings and interferences with my parenting time increased. Just after the 2006/2007 school year started, the mother kidnapped 4 of our children from me at one of the schools and then called the Sheriff in my county to make a false report so it appeared that I was doing something wrong in keeping one of my sons with me for my whole weekend. The responding deputy was nice, but didn't do anything about the obvious crime that was committed. Two weeks later, she tried to kidnap my youngest child at a soccer game (for the team with the abusive team mom and coach), but I saw her leading my daughter away from the field and I pinned her vehicle in with mine and called the cops myself; Nothing was done, but the officers suggested that I bring the issue to the court's attention, which I did and twice requested a restraining order at least during my parenting time to prevent future kidnappings and other child abuses, but the magistrate denied both requests.

     There was another incident a few weeks later to ruin the annual "Soccer Shoot" State Finals in Salida that I had attended with the whole family each year since it was started. Just to cause more grief, the mother picked up my second son at school and refused to drop him off and then drove to Salida and claimed one of the rooms reserved in my name. At the tournament, she convinced another son to stay with her too. My oldest two sons were sick of the embarrassment and hassle of dealing with the mother's schemes and didn't see me again until April 2007. I saw my 3 youngest over the Thanksgiving 2006 weekend and lost my driver's license a short time later.

     In March 2007, with the mother still refusing to bring the kids for any visitation, I arranged to have a busing company pick my children up at the 3-5 elementary school and bring them to my place for my normally scheduled parenting time, and notified the mother of my intentions. The mother got each of the children out of class early so they would miss out. When they didn't show up at my place and wouldn't return my calls, I called the Sheriff. After an 'investigation', the deputy refused to tell me whether he had even found my children and then told me over the phone that I was under arrest and to turn myself in. This was the kidnapping that turned into a six month long ordeal with me facing criminal charges again, but was finally dropped by the District Attorney because the deputy quit or was fired and no longer lived in the area. This was also the kidnapping that I explained in detail to the 3-5 elementary school principal. A judge and a magistrate also knew about it. 

     On April 20 2007, I had gotten a 90-day probationary license and went to the 3-5 elementary school a half-hour early to wait for my kids. A few minutes after I got there, the mother showed up as expected to kidnap them again, but seeing me there, she came over to yell at me that she was calling the cops and then ran into the school. I had had a long talk with the principal before this event and she said that she would call me if the mother tried to take the kids again, but instead, the Sheriff was called and within a matter of just a few minutes 3 vehicles and 6 deputies showed up. The first one to come over to my truck was the deputy that committed the crime on March 9, and he was very rude and pushy until he saw my tape-recorder running. It was obvious that the mother had made another false report but, as typical, I was told to bring the issue to court.

     On April 22, at a soccer game at the same school, the PTA official that committed perjury in the divorce, who is also active with the Girl Scouts, drove another Girl Scout mom to the field to pick up my daughter for an event that the troop leader refused to mail me the specifics on. When I saw the combat boot and camouflage pant wearing Girl Scout mom leading my daughter by the hand away from the field, I ran toward them. When she saw me coming, she stopped and let go of my daughter's hand and got real nervous. She was reluctant to tell me her name, but when she did I recognized it as one of the names I kept hearing in connection with previous abuses. She said she was there to take my daughter for a scheduled Girl Scout event. If I wouldn't have seen her in time, she would have taken my daughter without my consent.

     Each of these kidnappings and attempted kidnappings were reported to local, state and federal authorities, who completely ignored my complaints. Like perjury and false reporting, brainwashing and kidnapping are criminal offenses, as are failures to report and prosecute them. Even if these incidents aren't considered 1st or 2nd degree kidnappings, they are all still crimes under State law, which states in regard to violations of the custody order: "Any person, including a natural or foster parent, who...takes or entices any child under the age of eighteen years from the custody or care of the child's parent...commits and class 5 felony", and "Any parent or other person who violates an order of any district or juvenile court of this state...with the intent to deprive the lawful custodian or parent... of the custody or care of a child under the age of eighteen years, commits a class 5 felony". Not one of the several deputies I talked to about the kidnappings wanted to see the court orders, which was really bazaar to me until finding out that Sheriff's Departments are also benefiting from the "Divorce Industry". In addition to the actual offenders, each of the authorities that failed to respond should also be prosecuted. If you have any information about the kidnappings or plots to interfere with my parenting time, please email me right away.