Is Your Family At Risk?

You Can Make a Difference

     Over one million children will lose their families in divorce this year and most of them will lose one of their parents at the hands of crooked family law 'professionals' that churn the system for their maximum gain. This is an outrage deserving immediate attention by the press, our local leaders and our leaders in Washington DC. This is the attack on Family and Marriage that everyone should be talking about, as it is much more devastating than the "So What?" material that dominates the news these days. My children will only grow up once and we have already lost out on over 4 years of any meaningful time together. We have been cheated out of the once very loving relationships we enjoyed before the divorce.

     You can make a huge difference in the lives of my children by emailing me any information that will reveal the truth, so that I can end the crime and child abuse spree and obtain justice for my family. If you or anyone you know has witnessed, heard about, or even suspected, the child abuses, domestic violence scams, perjuries, parental kidnappings, or case fixing that took place in my case, please email me right away. If you have ever witnessed any attack against any other family or against any child/parent relationship, please notify the proper authorities and the target parent. And, please feel free to direct anyone to this website:

     You can make a huge difference in the lives of all our children by doing any of the following:  

Report the Divorce Industry's criminals and corrupt officials to Governor Bill Ritter's Office***. ***Normally, you would report this to the Sheriff or District Attorney's office, but they have refused to investigate my complaints and will not even look at any of my evidence, which is illegal. They are purposely obstructing justice to protect their crooked colleagues and are covering up their knowledge of official misconduct, which are both crimes in themselves. Many of our County and State employees, in this office and other offices, should find another line of work. If you have information that can help my children, it is very important to email me a copy of anything you send to the Governor's office, DA, AG, or any other authority, so that I can insist that they do their duties. Please help me prevent more neglect by our government. If you are a State or County employee and have witnessed ANY infraction by a coworker, please report it to your superiors and to the State Personnel Board. Congratulations to all Jeffco citizens that voted "Do Not Retain" Judge Archuleta - Let's get rid of a couple more bad eggs next election. Let's also be proactive to get rid of all hate mongers from our schools, PTA, sports leagues, scouts, churches, etc.

Sign a Nationwide Petition for Shared Parenting Legislation

Contact Your Legislators - For Colorado Legislators, Click Here (I hope to have my own Petition soon, so check back often)

Learn about the "Divorce Industry" and understand what's really happening to our families and why the divorce rate is now over 50%: See "Deconstructing America Part 1"; "Deconstructing America Part 2"; "Discrimination Against the Non-Custodial Parent"; "Message to Family Court Victims"; "Family Violence in America: The Truth About Domestic Violence and Child Abuse"; "Is There Really A Fatherhood Crisis?"; "The No-Blame Game: Why No-Fault Divorce Is Our Most Dangerous Social Experiment"; "Violence Against Families"; "Absurdistan in America"; "Legal Child Abuse in the USA"; trailers: "Corruption";  "It's About The Kids?"; "War Is Hell - Child Support Doesn't Have to Be"; "Divorce Is Ugly Business";

Learn about Parental Alienation and Emotional Child Abuse: See "Parental Alienation and Hostile Aggressive Parenting"; "Parental Alienation - From a Child's Perspective"; "The Pain We Suffer From Parental Alienation"; "Parental Alienation - The Ultimate Hate Crime"; "Washington Adult Child Alienated From Father"; "We're All Missing Out...Due to Parental Alienation"; "Divorce Related Malicious Mother Syndrome"; 

Our courts and governments have seized total control of our families' futures, but they're not all bad - See what a good judge has done in a case like ours: