Is Your Family At Risk?

Please Help Me Restore My Family

     I am a father of five and I haven't seen my children in nearly two years. We were separated intentionally in a fixed divorce. We are victims of widespread corruption in the family law court system and each of my children is also a victim of ongoing severe emotional child abuse since 2004, not only by their mother, who had been planning the divorce since before our first child was born, but also by a large number of like-minded hate mongers that found out about her goals in the divorce and wanted to participate - some just acted as cheerleaders for the mom; some committed crimes with the mom; some have continued to brainwash my children against me; all knew or had reason to believe that the mother was lying, but continued to participate in the crimes anyway. I reported the crimes and child abuses to the proper authorities and, in fact, up several chains of command, but each of my complaints was purposely neglected by officials to help cover up the divorce fixing.

     The purpose of this website is to do what I can to end the child abuses and the crime spree. I hope that by exposing the truth, it will end, and I intend to keep adding content and evidence to this site until it does. If you have ANY additional information or have witnessed ANYTHING that is explained on this website, please help us and email me right away. With your help, I will be reunited with my children soon and several irresponsible adults in positions of trust in our community will resign or be fired. This website is directed to my children's community; however, anyone is welcome, as similar attacks against families are being carried out all across the United States, and if you have ever witnessed anything similar to what happened to my family, please report it to the authorities and to the target parent, so he or she can protect their children from further harm.

     The mother used a series of domestic violence scams, parental alienation schemes, rumors and other preplanned frauds, to manipulate the outcome of her divorce. Her attorney, who is also a local resident and attended the same mutual Church, knew of my wife's intentions from the start and took a lead role in fixing the divorce. I didn't realize it at the time, but several other court officials, including the court-appointed "Child and Family Investigator" (CFI), and public officials all around our community, including Principals and a PTA Official, were assisting her in her goals to get rid of me from my family, ruin my relationships with each of my children, and completely wipe me out financially. Our public schools and other facilities were offered up by these unfit officials to be used by an unfit mother for her schemes. 

     My parenting time, which was already minimal due to the domestic violence scams, was limited further and interfered with in a variety of ways: My children were constantly invited for sleep overs and other events on my parenting time and scheduled for an impossible amount of extra-curricular activities; Runaways and kidnappings were staged at the schools. To strain my relationships with each child, some teachers held my children's homework during my parenting time; and several other adults excluded me from activities at the schools, sports leagues, Girl Scouts, and even the Church. In fact, my name was repeatedly removed from all mailing lists around the community and several adults actively brainwashed my children into believing that they didn't need a father at all in their lives.

     The mother was very successful in her plans and was awarded near full custody and nearly the entire family estate that I built and paid off just before the divorce, which is now known to be worth about $2,000,000.00. Despite numerous written requests, the mother also kept all of my work items and personal belongings that she was still holding hostage at the property when the divorce was finalized. As it stands today, the mother has 100% of the family estate including the paid off home, and the children and I have nothing from my 25 years of backbreaking work. Due to the continued attacks, my business is closed and I am indigent.

     In the post-divorce, the scandals increased and more public officials and court officials got involved in the crimes. The attacks on my relationships with my kids were relentless and even a principal and a deputy participated in known crimes on school grounds, including one of the kidnappings. Despite my repeated requests, I was excluded from all mailing lists at the schools, soccer club, Girl Scouts, Church, etc. The false reporting continued and each court action was fixed in favor of the mother. I have been denied modification of the insanely high child support order, despite the facts, and have been refused credit for what I've already paid. Everything I had left was quickly taken from me and the Department of Human Services even took $6,000.00 from my children's trust account and refused to give it back. I was falsely arrested 4 times and was forced to move away from my family to protect myself from further harm. I have not seen my children since May 2007 and the mother has now cut off all communications between us. 

     Please read this site and see specific evidence of some of the crimes committed against my children and me in our community. If you have any knowledge of the scams and schemes perpetuated around the community, the brainwashing of my children, or the people that participated in any of the divorce fixing crimes or the sabotages of my relationships with my children, please email me. I will not disclose any information without your consent, so let me know if I may share your information with counsel. If you know any of my children, please be discreet and help me protect them from further harm.