Is Your Family At Risk?

Domestic Violence Scams and False Reporting Are Crimes

     We do not have an epidemic of domestic violence in the United States, as the anti-family groups and hardcore feminists proclaim - We have an epidemic of domestic violence SCAMS in divorce. I never once touched my wife in a mean way during our 22-year relationship and I have never harmed any of our children, and yet she falsely reported domestic violence to the courts, human services and law enforcement several times. She had researched the system before the divorce and knew the power of restraining orders. All of her reports to authorities were to maximize her gains in the divorce and were made without any regard for our children whatsoever.

     On March 18, 2005, shortly after filing her divorce against my wishes and the wishes of our children, and as she had planned in 1996, my wife called 911 and got rid of me from the family home. I refer to this incident as the "911Scam". She knew that someone, either the alleged offender or the caller, is always arrested when 911 is called for domestic violence during a divorce, and she was just about to be arrested herself for making a false report, but she laid it on thick for the deputies to have them believe that I was a violent person and then pretended to have been cut and bleeding so I would be arrested. The scam grew, as evidenced by her "Victim Impact Statement", and grew more and more over time, as evidenced by her increasingly contradictory story to others. She also knew that she would receive a "Mandatory Criminal Restraining Order" against me and she faxed it all over the community to make sure our children's leaders were aware of it. Waiting for trial, I missed out on all school and church activities and most sport events for about 11 months.

     After failing twice to get further restraining orders for the kids just after the 911 Scam (See Perjury), she registered at a woman's shelter as a "battered woman" and enrolled each of our children in weekly counseling sessions to help them "cope in a family with an abusive father". She repeated the free 10-week program over and over again for 40 weeks during the divorce at a place that was about a half-hour drive from our home, but only 6 blocks from my apartment. I called the Center, but was not allowed to participate and never once saw my children before or after the sessions. I doubt that the former Broncos football player and his family know that the Center that bears their name, promotes, aids and abets women in carrying out their domestic violence scams.

     Leading up to the trial, my wife called the Sheriff in December 2005 and the Police in my city in January 2006 with more false reports and to voice her continued "fears" that I may hurt her or the kids. In late January, she used the Church and the Mandatory Criminal Restraining Order to keep me from attending my daughters 1st Reconciliation and then kidnapped my daughter and one of my sons for the rest of the weekend. All of this and the child abuses at the time were reported by me in detail to the CFI, who, despite her obligations as a "Mandatory Reporter", failed to call the authorities or even mention any of it in her Report to the courts.

     On February 2 2006, after my wife's terrific performance on the witness stand and my testimony, and after finally being able to see the pictures of her uncut finger and view the videotape that was taken is as evidence when I was arrested, the jury found me "Not Guilty" in the 911 scam. The next day, my wife and her attorney obtained another Restraining Order in a different court. I didn't realize until recently that not only did my wife and her attorney commit a crime in this, but the magistrate that issued the restraining order did also, and a different magistrate, the CFI and possibly a judge all knew about it too. It wasn't until long after the final divorce hearings that I discovered the extent of the frauds committed to sway justice in regards to the children and Why: An outstanding restraining order in a divorce would 'tie the judge's hands', so he would be forced to award primary residential custody and sole decision making ability to the 'victim'. Perjuries by the CFI and others were used to corroborate a known scam.

     After the final divorce hearings, the mother continued with her False Reporting, as part of her plan to completely get rid of me from my family. She reported to the County Child Protection office that I had committed an act of violence against one of my sons during my parenting time and when that report was closed unfounded she changed her story, reported the scam to the middle school counselor, and found a different caseworker, who went with her and my son to a different police station; and during that investigation, she and the new county caseworker conned the police detective with the new story, and even when that investigation was closed unfounded, the county caseworker continued her harassment. All involved along the way, except for the police detective, knew that it was a scam. I had met with and talked to the middle school counselor several times during the divorce and I am not sure whether he actually made one of the false reports, but I am quite sure that he hated me enough to offer false testimony to the CFI during the divorce, as evidenced in her Report, and that he was likely involved in the cover up of the kidnappings, runaways and other abuses that were staged on school grounds there. He admitted to the CFI that he didn't do his job as counselor for my children, apparently because of his dislike for me, and it is evident that he too failed to report the child abuses even though it is mandatory in his profession also.

     In the post-divorce, the mother made additional false reports to Sheriff's Deputies following two of her kidnappings of our children during my parenting time, as a way to cover up her crimes and project blame on me. Following the kidnapping in March 2007, one of the Deputies turned charges back on me and wrote a False Report, resulting in one of my 4 false arrests. The Principal at the 3-5 elementary school where the kidnapping took place, was aware, or became aware shortly after the incident, and promised me that she would report it and the holding of my children's homework by at least one of her teachers, but didn't report either as required and instead helped set up another kidnapping attempt at her school in April 2007. I am unsure as to whether she made any of the false reports, but now knowing her a little better I believe she is capable of just about anything in the name of hatred.

     Recently, I called the Church and asked if I could send holiday cards and gifts to my children there, since the mother had been giving every indication that she intended to completely cut off each of the five children from me, and the children had been confirming to me that they were not getting my mail and messages. At first it was okay and I sent a Thanksgiving Card there for the kids, but I received rude calls back from the same office manager and from the Priest, both saying that it was now not okay and asking, "how do we know that you don't have a restraining order against you?" Before I had a chance to explain, both hung up on me. I have asked for help at the Church several times over the past 3 years or so, but am treated with disrespect there too.

     In addition to turning five children against me, the mother has used her domestic violence scams to turn countless others in the community against me. Many realized right away that the mother was selling a scam, as the tale got taller and taller over time and the embellishments and contradictions increased; But many also bought in completely or just wanted to participate in the 'Hate Fest' and went out of their way to use their positions in our courts, law enforcement, human services, schools, Girl Scouts, soccer club, and even our Church, to attack five once very loving father/child relationships and to impress upon my children that they didn't need a father. 

     Domestic violence scams in divorce should carry at least the same sentence as an actual act of domestic violence, as they cause just as much or more damage. It has become very easy to get a restraining order to gain advantage in divorce and many attorneys will suggest it, and even help their clients set up the scam like in this case - All that the alleged 'victim' has to do is use the word "fear" and the Protection Order is theirs with no chance for the other party to respond - The scam instantly puts the criminal in total control. In my case, there was absolutely no doubt to everyone involved in the case that the mother's 911 call, and all her other reports of domestic violence, were scams, but instead of stopping the crimes for the innocent children as obligated, the officials encouraged it and many aided in it. As a result, the mother was able to pull off one of the most lopsided divorces in Colorado history and is still perpetuating the crime to this day. If you have any information about the domestic violence scams or false reporting that was used to manipulate the outcome of the divorce, please Email Me.