Is Your Family At Risk?

Who are the Deadbeats?

     I am not a deadbeat in any way. I was a husband and I truly loved my wife. I’m a father and I truly love my children. I started planning for them several years before they were born. I worked very hard for them and created a unique family life. I built homes for them and semi-retired so we could spend time together while they grew up. I took time to play sports with them, do their homework with them, and take them on family vacations. I taught them about love, respect, integrity, and faith. They are great kids because of my efforts. Contrary to the continued lies, I did not move away to evade child support; I moved away to get away from the crime spree, as I am only one man against an army of criminals. I would never abandon my children and I am working toward obtaining full custody until adulthood. I have paid the mother much more than what is owed for child support. I am not her slave. I will not be bullied to pay any more – not by her, by the courts or by any government agency. I have rights as a father, as a citizen, and as a victim of several very serious crimes. I continue to work day and night for my children to find a way to restore their family and their futures. There is nothing that I wouldn't do FOR our children.

     The mother is a deadbeat in every way. While I was working hard to build up a family, she was planning to tear it down for her own selfish gain. She refused to take my last name when we married because she hated my father and brothers so much. As I found during the divorce from her secret notes, she began planning for her divorce early in our marriage and called countless professionals to take advantage of their free initial consultations. She made notes and reminders to herself to “Call 911”, “hoard” and “stash” money, “get as much financial info as can”, “take the kids”, “leave the state”, “leave car - Call Sheriff – report stolen”. She stockpiled thousands of dollars worth of collectibles and cash. She stole from the six other members of her family. She has taken everything I had, including our children, and still wants more. She refuses to follow rules, laws, or orders. She is all about money with no regard for our children. She is "laughing all the way to the bank". She never loved me and she does not truly love our children. She brainwashed each of our children against me. She teaches them how to hate and deceive, and has created a huge social disorder in our community. She has cut off all communications between us and I haven’t heard from any of my kids in months. She has prevented all visitation since May 2007 and would be perfectly happy if our five children never saw their father again. She is an unfit maliciously abusive mother that belongs in a mental institution. There is nothing she wouldn't do TO our children.

     The mother’s attorney is a deadbeat. He has known since before he filed the divorce, through our mutual Church, that I was the responsible parent and that the mother was planning a very grand fraud. He also knew about the mother’s child abuses and came to know a great deal more throughout the divorce about the lengths that the mother and her friends would go to get rid of me from my family. He helped her plunder the family estate that I built and came after more in the post-divorce. He churned the case with the mother's deceits and added his own deceits. He “willfully and wantonly” took a lead role in the crime spree and turned a blind eye to the child abuses. He won at all costs to my family with no regard for our children whatsoever. He is a false Christian and a disgrace to his profession.

     The Child and Family Investigator is a deadbeat. She led a one-sided investigation that was totally concentrated on maximizing her profits and chalking up another win for hard-core feminism. Even though I was the parent that kept pushing for the appointment of a "Special Advocate" for our children, she hated me from the start and took a lead role in fixing the divorce against me. She repeatedly refused to call my witnesses throughout her 'investigation'. She, like the mother, used my children like pawns and exploited them for her own selfish reasons. She didn’t do her duties as a ‘Mandatory Reporter’ and completely ignored the child abuses. She had no regard for our children whatsoever and didn’t follow the “best interest standards”, as she is obligated to do. She committed perjury and libel. She intentionally ruined my family and destroyed six lives. She is a disgrace to the legal profession, to feminism, and to all of womankind. She should go to jail for many years.

     At least two of our magistrates and two of our judges are deadbeats. Each played a role in fixing the divorce. Each knew the facts. Each knew the law. Each knew that their actions would severely harm five children and their father. Each allowed the mother and several others to commit known crimes, even in our courtrooms. Each engaged in known crimes. Each promoted acrimony in the divorce to benefit the state and their cronies. Each denied me due process and equal protection under the law. Each blocked me from submitting evidence and prevented me from obtaining justice for my family. Each engaged in blatant criminal oppression. Each dishonored their oath of office and the State’s and United States’ Constitutions that they swore to uphold. Like the 2 deadbeat judges in Pennsylvania that were recently caught sending kids to jail for money, each betrayed the public trust and should resign or be removed from office and should go to jail. And, all the families they destroyed should file a class action lawsuit against them, the County, the State, and all others that participated in the case fixing or knew about it and were in a position to stop it, but didn't.

     Several of our law enforcement officers and DHS child protection caseworkers are deadbeats. They had more than enough information in 2005 to establish that my children’s situation was far past any suspicion of child abuse and neglect. They refused to look at my evidence or call my witnesses, but knew enough to have taken action. They volleyed responsibility back and forth between departments. They condoned and some participated in known crimes and child abuses. They turned me away as just another “bitter father”. When I came back, they deceived their superiors and cast suspicions on me. One brought charges against me for reporting the child abuses and one reopened a known false report by the mother, which was twice closed unfounded, so the harassment could continue. Our Sheriff’s Department and the County and State Departments of Human Services ignore the actions of their deadbeats because they know that negligence in their jobs keeps the crimes and child abuses going, which increases their state and federal grants and subsidies – It’s their way of cooking their books, so they can dip into all the federal aid money. There is no doubt in my mind that both agencies pad their reports to state and federal authorities to maximize their take.

A very large number of our DHS child support enforcement workers are deadbeats. Within days of the issuance of permanent orders, my child support statements were altered to show past due child support. This was done intentionally to speed up the process so my bank accounts could be raided, my credit could be destroyed and my driver’s license could be suspended (The lawmakers responsible for enabling the states to take away a working father’s driver’s license without regard for his situation or the economy, are not only deadbeats, but also traitors). In addition to raiding my bank accounts, they also took over $6,000.00 from my children’s trust account and repeatedly refused to give it back. I have complained about this and many other illegal acts by the Department, and the ongoing child abuses by the mother and her friends, to a Judge, the FBI, and all the way up the chain of command to 3 executive directors at DHS and even the Governor's office, but nothing has ever been done and my children’s money has never been returned. I have also repeatedly asked for credit for what I have already paid, but my calls are never returned and I have never received a response from this agency to my letters about this and requesting my driver's license back. This department is very corrupt and is engaging in racketeering. I believe that workers are trained to push the limits of the law and even break the law in the performance of their jobs. The family courts fix divorces for the State and DHS goes after more profits from the non-custodial parent, by means of intimidation, to get whatever he or she has left. In my case, they got together with the corrupt judicial officials and committed more acts of blatant fraud and oppression to keep me from reconciling the child support account so I can move back to Colorado and reunite with my children without the threat of another false arrest. I believe that my name is well known in the county and state departments of child support enforcement and that many have conspired on ways to keep me from reconciling my account. This agency also consistently and purposely operates outside the limits of state and federal law, to maximize their state and federal aid money, no matter the costs to families or children. NONE of our government agencies can legally operate for profit, but they all seem to have found their own racket! DHS is especially abusive in their pursuit against men - It should be renamed the Department of Woman Services.

Our FBI, Governor, Attorney General and District Attorney offices have many deadbeats. I sent hundreds of pages of documentation and other evidence of the case fixing and child abuses to the FBI and at first they tagged my case as a "potentially large corruption case". I continued to send them documentation over the next year until our communications began souring. In the Spring of 2008, it became obvious to me that the Supervisory Special Agent in charge of corruption cases had turned against me. I left over 20 messages for him, but he refused to call me back, so I contacted authorities in Washington DC and ran into several more agencies that practice deceit and neglect. The FBI repeatedly refused to give my evidence to the Governor's office, the Attorney General's office and the District Attorney's office. To make another very long story short: the Governor's office refused to help us or to even tell me where I could find help for my family; the Attorney General's office refused to receive my evidence and told me that I needed to go to the District Attorney; the District Attorney's office has repeatedly (and illegally) refused to receive my evidence or to open an investigation. One of the DA's investigators and a Deputy District Attorney actually got mad at me for bringing my family's crisis to them. Currently, I am calling for and faxing my evidence directly to the District Attorney, but he has refused to respond. This is all illegal. They cannot cherry-pick their cases or refuse their services to some victims. My children and I are entitled to protection from further harm, prosecution of the criminals, and crime victim compensation. Now that they are seeing my evidence on their fax machine, if they deny my family ANY of these services, they are committing a crime themselves. 

  We have several deadbeats in our schools, soccer club, Girl Scouts, Church and elsewhere around our community. Any reasonable adult can determine if a proposed action will be good or bad for children. Any adult that knowingly participates in a scheme to strain a relationship between a child and a parent is a child abuser. Other than a parent, who can emotionally abuse their children if they want to, any adult that knowingly participates in any action that is harmful to a child is guilty of criminal child abuse. Any adult that is in a position of trust in our community that condones an act of child abuse is just as guilty as the child abuser. Our Superintendent's office must be filled with deadbeats, as no one has ever cared enough about my children to even return my calls over the past 4 years. The PTA official that undressed my daughter to bathe her, as part of her plot to help sway justice, is guilty of criminal child abuse in addition to her other crimes. I called all the way up the chain of command to the national PTA and Girl Scouts' offices about this woman's crimes and child abuses, but once again received absolutely no concern for the safety and well being of my daughter. The principal and the deputy that condoned and/or participated in the parental kidnapping and an attempted kidnapping of my children on school grounds are guilty of criminal child abuse. The Sheriff's Department, the courts and the District Attorney's office completely ignored these crimes because they were too busy framing me for another charge. The teachers that held my children’s homework during my parenting time weekends are guilty of criminal child abuse. The school staff that condoned or participated in the runaways, the excessive scheduling, or any other staged event, is guilty of criminal child abuse. The personnel at the schools, church, soccer club, Girl Scouts, and any other organization, that excluded me from public events or removed my contact information from mailing lists, are guilty of criminal child abuse. I know that most adults would never do anything to harm a child, but there is a small, but growing number of perverts that will.

  Even the Church and Archdiocese has deadbeats. I’ve asked for help several times from authorities in our church, but have been repeatedly sent away, sometimes rudely. I couldn’t even get someone in authority to stop the abusive alter-boy scheduling or the removal of my name from the church’s mailing lists. Through my annulment, several at the Archdiocese know about the divorce fixing and what it has done to my family - they also know that my wife's attorney, who is a long-standing member of the church, was instrumental in the intentional destruction of my Christian family. They know a great deal about the ongoing child abuses too, but refuse to intervene. They also know about the mother’s and her attorney’s continued frauds and deceits, but the mother is allowed to continue lying to other members of the congregation and the staff at the church. Everyone, but one, that I have asked for help, has taken offense and lets the matters continue unresolved. For the most part, I have been completely shunned by this Church, which in my opinion has lost its way. It has become a very rich organization without a purpose or mission other than to protect its wealth and those that contributed to it.

  I can confidently make the above statements knowing that it is the truth and that I have evidence to prove it. Price fixing and bid rigging in the private sector results in stiff fines and jail sentences; Case fixing should result in even greater fines and jail sentences, as it severely injures not only the victims, but also the citizens of the county, state and nation. The deadbeats described above are all in positions of trust in our community. Our children rely on them to look out for their best interests and we rely on them to protect our children from the evils of the world. I could never have imagined before the divorce how many deadbeats have managed to obtain positions of authority in our communities and our government offices. As I know now, each one of the deadbeats knew, or knows now, about the plan to sway justice in the divorce and that the goal was to get rid of me, the "bread winner", from my family and to turn each of my children against me. It's shocking to realize how many irresponsible adults would participate in something so obviously wrong and it's even more shocking to see how many authorities will knowingly just look the other way. We shouldn't have to worry about officials offering up our public schools, courts, departments, government offices and other facilities to be used as playgrounds by hate mongers, especially those that are willing to act out their aggressions right in front of our children.

     If you are a non-custodial parent that is fighting a 'David and Goliath' battle like mine, please email me. Someday when I have time, I want to put together a nationwide directory of "Victims of the Divorce Industry" and some creative ways to link us to groups that can help us. Let me know if you have any ideas.