Is Your Family At Risk?

Emotional Child Abuse By a Parent is Usually Ignored By Authorities; Emotional Child Abuse By Others is Always Criminal.

     My children have been severely emotionally abused by their mother and her friends throughout the community for several years. I have reported the child abuses to county, state and federal authorities, but nothing has been done yet, as those responsible volley the responsibility between agencies and give never-ending excuses for the neglect, such as "We don't have jurisdiction...emotional abuse is hard to are just a bitter father". The real reason for the neglect is that the authorities know about the divorce fixing and help protect the offenders. I could never have imagined how crooked and lazy our government has become - Not all, of course, but an alarming and growing percentage of workers on our payroll, who do little more than collect a paycheck. As you read through this site, you may recall witnessing some of the acts of child abuse or know someone that participated or neglected their duty to report - For my children's sake, please click here to email me ANY information, no matter how minor.

     Before the divorce, I attended most school events and parent/teacher conferences, and most soccer games and extracurricular activities on weekends. In fact, shortly after moving my family into the home that I built, my wife and I began role reversing, as I wanted to semi-retire to spend more time with the kids and she wanted to go back to work to get away from the kids. It wasn't until the mother found ways to use the schools and other organizations against me that she wanted the role back.

     In 2003, my wife, who had made and added to a secret written plan for the divorce over our 22 years together, began a steady stream of emotional abuse to brainwash the children against me. I would often come home from work to find my dinner in the refrigerator. When I was going to be home by 5:00 or 5:30, all the kids were rushed up from the bus stop to eat so they would be done by the time I got home. When I complained, I was cut off from family dinner and had to make my own. These abuses increased in frequency and severity through 2003 and 2004, to daily abuses following the death of my father in October 2004. Shortly before she filed for her divorce, the mother began dancing around, rubbing her hands together and saying to the kids, 'Soon daddy will be gone', and two of the kids began staying with me nearly every night in a little cabin on our property. Upset about their loyalty to me, the mother physically abused the two 'bad' children and was removed from the home by the Sheriff for two weeks.

     Shortly after filing for divorce, as part of her secret plan to get rid of me, my wife made a phony 911 call in March 2005 and I was arrested. She then faxed the 'Mandatory Criminal Restraining Order' to each of the schools and elsewhere around the community to sell the domestic violence scam to the public, and twice went back to the courts to obtain further restraining orders for the kids to completely get rid of me from their lives, but, failing this, denied all visitation for over a month and then would only allow infrequent and short visits until 'temporary orders' were issued in July 2005.

     It did not take long for the mother of five to find support for her alienation schemes at the K-2 elementary school, where my two youngest children attended first and second grade. Almost immediately after the 911 scam, a teacher participated in a scheme to prevent my attendance at a classroom play. When I complained to the Superintendent, my confidential letter was immediately faxed to the elementary school setting off a firestorm of controversy. To retaliate, the principal hired my wife to be the teacher's aide, and early that summer, she and a PTA official committed perjury in one of the early divorce hearings. 

     I fought very hard to be able to spend time with my children that summer, but I was no match for the effort to prevent parenting time by my wife and her friends. Several parents, knowing full well that I only had the kids every other weekend and that I lived about 45 minutes away, invited my children for sleepovers, camping trips, movies, sporting events, etc., which resulted in more loss of time together during my already very limited parenting time. Often, I only had 2 or 3 join me and rarely were all five children with me at the same time. Many irresponsible parents went out of their way to give my children the impression that I was a bad father and that they shouldn't spend any time with me. Even after the 'temporary orders' were issued in July 2005 establishing set parenting times, the alienation schemes and denials of visitation continued. 

     During the 2005/2006 school year, the child abuses increased in frequency and severity and many more people got involved. My youngest child was placed with the same teacher that staged the classroom play fiasco. At least one teacher at the 3-5 elementary school and possibly some teachers at the K-2 elementary school and the middle school began holding my children's homework during my parenting time. At the middle school, office personnel helped stage a kidnapping of one of my children when I was on my way to pick him up, helped stage a run away incident that resulted in another child's suicide thoughts, helped stage another run away event two weeks later for the same child even though knowing about the suicide thoughts, and began removing my name from the schools' computerized mailing and notification system to exclude me from all mailings and announcements. I reported all these child abuses to the Sheriff and Human Services, but both neglected the matters. Someone, most likely at the middle school, has continued to remove my name from the computer system each year and I believe that this same person or group was involved in staging the alienation schemes on school grounds and possibly in the altering of report cards to help the mother cover up bad grades. If you know who, please email me.

     In October 2005, a "Child and Family Investigator" (CFI) was appointed. I didn't realize it at the time, but one of the magistrates that was instrumental in fixing the divorce knows the CFI and forced us to use her even though I had found and requested a less expensive and much more highly qualified CFI. I turned over hundreds of pages of documentation and other evidence to substantiate the child abuses to the CFI, but knew within a few weeks after her appointment that she was working solely for the mother. In January 2005, the CFI assisted the mother in a parental kidnapping at our Church, knowing full well that it is a crime. She refused to call any of my witnesses during her nearly five-month long investigation and concentrated most of her time gathering information from the people involved in the child abuses that I had reported to her. Her 'Report and Recommendations' to the court is filled with misrepresentations, and she and others she contacted committed multiple rehearsed perjuries in the final divorce hearings in March 2006. The CFI recommended very little parenting time for me, which I have since found to be the norm with crooked CFIs in Colorado because it drastically increases the child support burden on the non-custodial parent and it also hugely benefits the State each year in the form of Federal subsidies and grants. Fixing divorces like this is Colorado's way of cooking their books for maximum gain from our Federal tax money. I am finding that many CFIs have an agenda that opposes the 'best interests of the children' standard that they are sworn to uphold. As part of her mission to fix the divorce, this particular CFI actively engaged in the brainwashing of my children against me and should go to jail. If you were called by her, know someone that was, or heard anything that could be helpful to my children, please email me.

     The CFI, who knew almost from the start about all the parental alienation schemes taking place, the holding of the "Friday Folders" during my parenting time, and many other intentional brainwashing tactics, contacted several of the parents and officials that I had reported as participants, but instead of doing her job, listed many of the child abusers in her report as people that were concerned for my children because I didn't attend any public activities (without mentioning the restraining order) and didn't seem to be a very caring father. Nearly every paragraph of every page of her 14-page Report contains false statements to mislead the courts. Even the principal that blatantly lied during the early hearings, reiterated the same lies for the CFI's Report and showed up to testify at the final hearings in March 2006 during her Spring Break. A counselor at the middle school, who played an active role in helping cover up participation in the abuses by staff, admitted in the Report to neglecting his duties when I brought the abuses to his attention, and then after the divorce played a role in one of my wife's known false reports of child abuse. 

     Shortly after I was acquitted by a jury in the "911 scam" in February 2006, I attended my first school activity since March 2005, a performance in the 3-5 elementary school gymnasium, and was sneered at by countless parents and teachers, some right in front of my two youngest children, who were in attendance for their older brother's performance. The hatred was very intense and my children and I were very uncomfortable. (I do not blame some of these adults though, as I too am the kind of person that would have been fooled by the horrific tales of an "abused" mother of five; but I would not have gone any further than the sneer.)

     The final divorce hearings were held in March 2006. The CFI, a Child Protection caseworker, three Deputies and the mother committed perjuries to help the mother cover up the child abuses, and many others, including school personnel and others that have positions of trust in our community waited outside the courtroom for their turn to testify, but were never called. The most unbelievable thing about this is that most, if not all, of these hate-mongers have official positions that require "mandatory reporting" of ANY form of child abuse, even if just a suspicion. I believe that, to cover up for her own crimes, the CFI spread rumors around the community and enlisted several of those willing to falsely testify in the divorce to make it appear as if I were the bad parent. 

     While waiting for 'permanent orders' to issue in May 2006, the mother, and likely many others, staged another false report involving the son that had the suicide thoughts earlier that school year. See Domestic Violence Scams for a complete description of this and other false reports. 

     Unbeknownst to me, while this was taking place with my second son, the mother and a few of her friends connected to the soccer league were staging all sorts of ways to brainwash the children against me. To conflict with my four boys' soccer game schedule, each season a soccer league official allowed my wife and her friends to schedule my kids for refereeing all over the map, one time scheduling over 20 refereeing games to conflict with their 5-6 regular scheduled games and, of course, the children were not allowed to tell me about their referee schedule until I picked them up or if I found out ahead of time it was revised and printed out at the last minute. A Team Mom and a coach, who were both Board Members, openly bad-mouthed me to my son on their team and one time the coach bad-mouthed me to the whole team in front of my son, causing him to cry and have another of his severe stomach aches. This child was one of the children that stayed with me in the cabin on our property almost every night for four months before the "911 scam" because his mother choked him and twisted his arm behind his back. We were very close. I've only seen him and talked to him once since Thanksgiving 2006. Several parents continued to invite my children for sleepovers and other events, and one parent, the same adult that kidnapped my son from the middle school, yelled at me at the top of her lungs in front of my children at a soccer tournament because we were camping as a family that weekend and I would not let one of my boys stay with her son at their hotel. 

     The mother also found help for her alienation schemes in the Church and at the Girl Scouts. Troop Leaders, Youth Ministers and office personnel were more than happy to exclude me from all mailings. I met with the Liturgical Minister and called the church several times to stop the scheduling of my sons for alter-boy serving on my weekends, but the minister, even after knowing that I lived 45 minutes away and attended a different church, would let a little time pass and then schedule them for service again. The Youth Minister also excluded me from the communications that the other parents received and was offended when I called him to get the specifics for an overnight ski trip that I found out about the day before they left. At least 3 Girl Scout members participated in various ways to sabotage my relationship with my only daughter, who was only 5-years-old when the emotional abuses started. One of the Girl Scout moms that was instrumental in attacking this special relationship was also the PTA official that committed perjury in the divorce and is currently the PTA President at the middle school. Her testimony reveals how perverse she is and she also participated in one of the attempted kidnappings along with another Girl Scout member. 

     As soon as the mother won the paid off house, she and her friends in the 'Divorce Industry' set their sights on completely wiping me out financially, and she and her friends in the community set their sights on completely ruining my relationships with each of my children. Summer 2006 was terrible. Immediately after the issuance of 'permanent orders', the mother increased her outright denials of visitation and, with the help of her attorney's paralegal, tried to sabotage my summer vacation with the kids. The Youth Minister helped her "commit" my sons to duties at the church during my parenting time, and the Girl Scout and soccer club leaders also kept up their schemes.  

     The 2006/2007 school year saw a marked increase in the "sponsored" child abuses and kidnappings, and even more adults willing to participate. The mother and her attorney, who had illegally kept all of my business items and personal belongings that were still at the property and had illegally seized my share of a trust account, initiated contempt proceedings against me, knowing they were in contempt themselves, and had me served right in front of my children in the 3-5 elementary school parking lot after school. I didn't know it at the time, but the new principal there knew of the mother's ongoing child abuses from the start and offered up the school as a playground for her and her friends to pull their alienation schemes.

     The Girl Scout, church and soccer club abusers were especially cruel during this period too. The same Team Mom, who is also a soccer club board member and was very instrumental in brainwashing my close middle son against me, openly displayed her hatred for me again at an indoor soccer game in front of all my children and many other parents. The Girl Scout troop leader continued to refuse my requests for a schedule of events, but played along repeatedly with the mother's abuse of waiting until the last minute before my parenting time weekends to tell my daughter about troop activities, just like the mother and the soccer club abusers were doing with each of my boys for refereeing and like she and the liturgical minister were doing with the alter-boy schedule. With the excuse that I probably wouldn't be able to get the kids to all their "scheduled events", the mother outright denied visitation more frequently and I saw less and less of my children leading up to Thanksgiving that year. When I did have the kids, she would kidnap them whenever she could.

     Just before Thanksgiving 2006, the mother's friends at the Child Support Enforcement office, who had already altered my account to set up their harassment tactics, raided all of my bank accounts and my children's trust account, leaving me with just a few pennies left to my name. I was planning to drive the whole family to Las Vegas for my middle son's soccer tournament and had just made reservations for a place to stay, but had to cancel at the last minute. My son was crushed by this and his cruel mother and her friends on the team used the event to brainwash him against me - As a result, I have only seen and talked to this son once since then. Shortly after this, the soccer club abusers completely removed me from their email and mail lists. In December 2006, I repeatedly demanded my children's trust money back, but the child support enforcement office refused and suspended my driver's license.

     The mother denied all visitation between Thanksgiving 2006 and April 20, 2007. In February 2007, she told my youngest son that she would bring them over for dinner at my place, and I cooked for hours, but they didn't show up and weren't allowed to talk to me on the phone that whole weekend. On March 9 2007, learning that I had set up a bus ride for my kids on my parenting time, the mother kidnapped them and then falsely reported to the responding Sheriff's Deputy, who turned charges on me resulting in my third false arrest. In April 2007, I explained the kidnapping to the 3-5 elementary principal and asked her to report that and the homework holding that took place at her school. Instead, she participated in another parental kidnapping attempt at her school on April 20 2007, and may have even called the police for the mother. Within a matter of minutes, 3 Sheriff vehicles with 6 deputies showed up at the school just as class was letting out, but after about a half-hour of embarrassment, 3 of my scared children were released to me. Just like the area's schools and courts, the mountain precinct has some scandalous officers. To top this terrible weekend off, two Girl Scout moms showed up at a soccer game at the 3-5 elementary school field on April 22 to attempt to kidnap my daughter.

     I saw 3 of my children for one final weekend in May, and as typical the mother and her friends did whatever they could to ruin our time together. On May 19 2007, I moved to Minnesota to protect myself from further harm, hoping that that would end the child abuses and crime spree. I was wrong and have been working full time since to end the abuses and find a way to reunite with my children.

     The mother cut off all communications between the kids and me through the Summer 2007 and after leaving over 10 messages I finally reached my oldest son on October 15 by calling the high school and holding for him. After another fiasco, I got a chance to talk briefly to my two youngest kids, and we decided that we would talk every Sunday. The 3 were also excited about possibly flying here over Thanksgiving and definitely flying here for Christmas, as it was my turn for the first half of the Christmas Break including Christmas Day. When the mother found out about the trips, she cut off all communications again in mid-November until just before Christmas, when my oldest son told me that they had just received the box of Christmas gifts that I sent for them in early December. On Christmas Day, I heard a variety of reasons why no one could come see me and we agreed again that Sundays would be our days to talk. A trip over Spring Break 2008 was sabotaged in the same way.

     In the first part of 2008, the calls got harder and harder to come by with me usually leaving several messages before someone would pick up. The mother told them to check the Caller ID and avoid my calls and, even when I knew they were home, they wouldn't pick up no matter how many times I called and sometimes the phone was taken off the hook. When we did talk, the Sunday calls were discussed and promises were made each time, but I have yet to receive a call from my kids on Sunday, over a year-and-a-half later. In fact, the children have been prevented from calling me on my birthdays, which fell on a Sunday in 2008, and on Father's Days, for the past 4 years.

     I set up email accounts for each of the kids in February 2008, and my youngest son was very excited with this new way to communicate. We wrote each other back and forth, sometimes several times a day, for about a week, until the mother found out about it. A few weeks later, I found that the mother was forcing the 3 children that were using their accounts to forward my emails to her, sometimes before they even opened and read them themselves.

     In April 2008, the mother cut off all communications for the most part, between the children and me. I got a chance to talk to my oldest son a few times during the Summer months, but once school started he stopped calling and I didn't talk with him until around Thanksgiving when he told me that no one else wants to ever talk to me. During the Summer, my daughter seemed distant and tired, as if she were giving up, and she was so distraught during the last phone call that all she could do was grunt in response - she sounded as if she had slipped into an emotional coma. My youngest son gave up during the Summer too and I didn't talk to him until I called him at the middle school on his birthday in November. We only talked for a few minutes and he said that he would be sure to call me after school or that night, but he didn't and I called for him over 10 times and left messages on 3 different phones until the home phone was taken off the hook. I haven't heard from anyone since, not even over Christmas and New Years.

     I called the home phone and my oldest son's cell phone and left countless messages over the holidays with no response. On January 7 2009, I finally received an email back from my oldest son saying that he no longer has a cell phone, which I now know to be untrue, and my number is blocked on the home phone. He wrote that he hoped I had a good Christmas and New Year and was sorry that it is no longer possible to call me. His number is still active, but he is not allowed to return my calls.